• Adaptable Strategies

    Having spent twenty sessions under the Gold Dome, Mr. Walraven has learned the legislative process. Like Georgia's State Tree, The Live Oak, must adapt from drought conditions over 100 degrees in our hot Summers to below-freezing, wet weather in our Winter season, we must be ready to succeed no matter the conditions.

    We are always thinking of contingency plans should "plan A" encounter trouble. Lining up alternative means of passing good legislation or stopping harmful bills from being enacted requires experience and a vast knowledge of how a bill really becomes a law. "The Schoolhouse Rock 'I'm Just a Bill' cartoon teaches you how a bill makes its way through the legislative process, says Mr. Walraven. However, just because a bill "dies" does not mean that we are finished working to find a way to accomplish our clients' goals. We have the institutional knowledge to identify opportunities to help our clients from day one until the gavel drops Sine Die and never stop looking for ways to get the job done."

  • Legislation Drafted Quickly and Correctly

    Mr. Walraven has served as lead attorney on countless pieces of legislation for over a decade in various policy areas. The benefit for our clients? When an agreement is made on policy or a legislator requests language, Walraven immediately drafts legal language that is narrowly tailored to ensure that your goals are achieved and your interests. This way, your legislation is protected from landing on top of the "To-Do" box of a sometimes-overburdened state lawyer.

    For years, Mr. Walraven has been trusted by two House Speakers, professional associations, private enterprise, House Committee Chairs and others to draft legislation on key issues before the Georgia General Assembly. These include property and sales taxes, water supply, transportation governance and funding, health care, insurance, state and local government, higher education, Medicaid and many more.

  • Compliance with Lobbyist Rules

    Having served as a campaign manager, lobbyist and Speaker's Counsel, Mr. Walraven has experience with Georgia's ethics and campaign finance law. In fact, Walraven was hired to draft the legislation which became the 2005 Ethics in Government Act. After that, he drafted follow-up legislation in this area and in 2010, drafted Speaker Ralston's signature 2010 Georgia Government Transparency and Campaign Finance Act, the current governing law on lobbyist compliance and campaign finance.

    "We know how to keep our clients in compliance with the Act," said Walraven. Our clients rest assured that when they wish to engage the political process that they do so in accordance with the law. We understand that our clients lend us their reputation and good name and it's of paramount importance to me that we are good stewards of this."